I’m so pleased to announce my upcoming book ManFood: The no-nonsense guide to improving your health and energy in your 40s and beyond. It’s out on 4th April and available for you to pre-order now from Amazon, Waterstones, Kindle, ibooks, Booktopia (Australia) and Mighty Ape (New Zealand).


Eat Your Way to Lower Cholesterol

Published in May 2014, Eat Your Way to Lower Cholesterol is a groundbreaking cookbook that combines the latest medical and nutritional research. With delicious, easy to prepare recipes each containing six key foods are identified, all of which have cholesterol-lowering properties.

With advice from nutrition expert Ian Marber and consultant cardiologist Laura Corr, this book will show you how to effectively incorporate the six foods into your diet and lower cholesterol by up to 20 per cent in just three months.


The Food Doctor

This is the newly revised and updated edition of the best-selling and ever-popular ‘The Food Doctor’, which has sold over half-a-million copies worldwide. With the latest research, new and inspiring recipes and a new chapter on vegetarian and vegan eating, this invaluable guide will provide all the information you need to improve your health and wellbeing.


The Food Doctor in the City

With the nutritional know-how to detoxify and strengthen your system, you can enjoy all the city’s pleasures while staying healthy and energetic. Revitalize yourself with this complete “urban survival” guide.


In Bed with The Food Doctor

In Bed with the Food Doctor gives you an authoritative guide to enhancing your sex life and improving your sleep through nutrition.


The Food Doctor Diet

The food doctor diet is refreshingly simple: a seven-day diet programme for a one-week kick-start to a new approach to healthy eating; 10 simple food doctor principles on the practical knowledge needed to make informed choices; an easy-to-follow eating plan for life with food comparisons, menu options and motivational tips; and specially devised recipes that apply the theory to create flavoursome, nutritious meals.


The Food Doctor Everyday Diet

Love food but want to lose weight? The clearest advice yet to help you eat well and lose the pounds for good.


The Food Doctor Cookbook

Eat well, lose weight, look great. 150 delicious, new GI balanced recipes to help you eat healthily and lose weight for good. Flexible menu options mean you can be sure of a safe, healthy and sustainable eating plan.


The Food Doctor Diet Club

Change the way you eat for good. Ten real-life motivational case studies prove this plan works, whatever your lifestyle, age or weight. Ditch the gimmick diets: take up the Food Doctor challenge and lose weight for good in just 30 days!


The Food Doctor Ultimate Diet

Achieve real weight loss fast and change the way you eat for good.



A groundbreaking approach to diet and nutrition that allows you to maximise the goodness you get from the food you eat.


How Not To Get Fat

If all diets work, why is it such a problem for us to maintain a healthy weight while still enjoying life? And why do we fall into the trap of sending ourselves on an endless rollercoaster of boom and bust, dieting and overeating, which makes us feel bad or ashamed about ourselves?


How Not to Get Fat – Your Daily Diet

The principle behind How Not To Get Fat is simple: the most effective way to manage our weight is not to get fat in the first place!